The Institut del Teatre, through the Speciality of Scenography, is participating for the ninth time in the Prague Scenography Quadrennial curating the Catalan presence.

Since 1987 the curators have been Josep Montanyès, Isidre Bravo, Guillem-Jordi Graells and Ramon B. Ivars. Our thanks first go to them and their teams for their initiative, perseverance and the success they achieved in their respective years. Without this legacy, this year’s Quadrennial would not have been possible.

The 2019 Quadrennial is the second time that Catalonia is participating autonomously. In 2015 we set out on this path alone. It has been possible, both then and now, thanks to the trust and support of the Catalan institutions.

Since 2015, the Institut Ramon Llull has also supported us in this project. Its financial assistance, dialogue and interest have made this website possible. For us it is a valuable tool to bring together everything that Catalonia has contributed to and exhibited at the PQ19, showcasing and sharing it beyond the Quadrennial.

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