Anna Alcubierre / Paco Azorín / / Sílvia Delagneau / Max Glaenzel / Eugenio Szwarcer

We could say that Anna Alcubierre, Paco Azorín,, Sílvia Delagneau, Max Glaenzel and Eugenio Szwarcer form part of a generation. They trained mainly at the Institut del Teatre and almost all of them started work in the late 1990s in a context where cultural policies and economic investment were very different from today.

We think that what defines this generation is not a specific identity as a group but the heterogeneity of how they understand and approach scenic design. From the lighting work of to Szwarcer’s use of video and documentary languages, from the close link between Azorín’s stage direction and scenography to Glaenzel firmly assuming the role of scenographer, or Delagneau’s character design to the bridge between Alcubierre’s stage and exhibition spaces, they have all given a wide and personal meaning to the old, beautiful and controversial word “scenography”.

In a country as small as ours this plurality means richness and possibilities. But alongside the economic, political and social transformations we are experiencing, it places us in an uncertain and changing setting full of questions about the future.

Our desire has been to avoid a retrospective show where they are a theme to be exhibited. The idea of sharing a play, a reflection on recent cases of social conflict using their tools and artistic languages has been a valuable material for the creators. The stand we present has been built around their contributions.

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Trained in Argentina and in Barcelona. He combines scenography with audiovisual direction and production for many shows. The essential pillars of his work are the interaction between performing action and the screened image and the concept of space as an expressive element that generates resistance and movement. Abroad he has recently worked with high level creators such as Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui (Milonga, 2013, and Shellshock, 2014) and in Catalonia with directors such as Carme Portaceli and Joan Ollé. At present, he devotes himself exclusively to his company La Conquesta del Pol Sud.


Graduated in Industrial Design at Escola Massana, Barcelona. He works as a scenographer since1994. He is a usual team member of Àlex Rigola, Carlota Subirós, Marcos Morau, Sergi Belbel,Xavier Albertí and David Selvas, among others. His works have been shown in theaters such asTeatre Nacional de Catalunya, Teatre Lliure, Sala Beckett, Centro Dramático Nacional,Schaubühne and Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf. In the last three years, he has worked withGöteborgs Operans Danskompani, The Royal Danish Theater, Teatro Stabile del Véneto, Teatrosdel Canal and Mercat de les Flors.


Since 1996 he has created over 200 stage designs and 100 lighting designs with creators such as Lluís Pasqual (Hamlet, La tempestad, Mòbil, El caballero de Olmedo, Els feréstecs, Quitt), Carme Portaceli (Lear, Sopa de pollastre amb ordi, Un enemic del poble, L’auca del senyor Esteve), Sergi Belbel (El mètode Grönholm), Víctor Ullate (Samsara, Carmen, El amor brujo), Joan Castells (Ran del camí, Ram de mar, Preversions), Coco Comín (Grease, Chicago), Ernesto Caballero (Rinoceronte, El jardín de los cerezos, Galileo Galilei, Inconsolable), Miguel del Arco (Refugio, Fuenteovejuna, Federico Hacia Lorca); Mario Gas (Calígula, El veneno del teatro, Sócrates) in theatres such as the Teatre Lliure, Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, Centro Dramático Nacional (Madrid), Teatro Español (Madrid), Teatres de la Generalitat Valenciana, Opéra National de Paris (Il prigioniero), Gran Teatre del Liceu (Le nozze di Figaro), Festival Grec (Barcelona), Festival de Otoño (Madrid) and Teatro Arriaga (Bilbao).

As a stage director, he has worked at the Festival Shakespeare (Hamlet, el dia dels assassinats), Centro Dramático Nacional (Escuadra hacia la muerte), Festival de Mérida (Salomé, Julio César, Samson et Dalila), Gran Teatre del Liceu (Tosca, La voix humaine, Una voce in off, The monster at the maze), Teatro de la Maestranza (Con los pies en la luna, Tosa), Festival de Peralada (Otello, La Traviata) and Macerata Opera Festival (Otello). In 2003 he founded the Festival Shakespeare, the only festival in Spain devoted entirely to the work of the English playwright. He was artistic director of the festival during the first four years.

In the field of teaching, he gives master classes and lectures at the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía, Universitat de Barcelona, Universitat de València, Escola Elisava, Universidad Pontificia de Medellín, Rcr Arquitectes International Workshop of Scenography.

In terms of occasional design of events, he regularly works with Madrid City Council (“Amigo Awards”, “Christmas Campaigns”, artistic director of the Olympic candidature for Madrid 2012), as well as companies such as SEAT (Golden Dealer Awards).


Salamanca, 1981.

I graduated in Scenography from the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona. I trained as a scenographer at the École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and have done several photography and dressmaking courses at Felicidad Duce, the Fashion School of LCI Barcelona.

I am currently working as a scenographer, costume designer and creator in disciplines such as theatre and the visual and audiovisual arts.

In 2014 I received the Adrià Gual Prize of the Institut del Teatre, which allowed me to present my show Només ens vol protegir del cel at the Festival Grec 2015.

In the last two years I have participated as scenographer and costume designer in 12 productions in theatres and festivals such as Göteborgs Operans Danskompani (Sweden), The Royal Danish Theatre and Ballet (Denmark), Tanz Luzerner Theater (Switzerland), Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, Teatre Lliure, Festival Grec, Teatros del Canal and Festival Temporada Alta.

As a costume designer I would highlight my work as costume designer for the choreographer Marcos Morau (La Veronal) in Rothko Chapel (Göteborgs Operans Danskompani, 2017), Pasionaria (Teatros del Canal and Festival Grec, 2018), Carmen (The Royal Danish Theatre and Ballet, 2018), and Orfeo ed Euridice (Tanz Luzerner Theater, 2019). Some of my other work are as scenographer and costume designer for the Fundación Señor Serrano (2018, Kingdom, Festival Grec), Oriol Pla (Travy, 2018, Teatre Lliure, Barcelona), Alex Rigola (Ivànov, 2017, Teatre Lliure, Barcelona), and Albert Arribas (Actes obscens en espai públic, 2017, Teatre Nacional de Catalunya).

I am the founder of the company Indi Gest. Although in 2015 I stopped being a member, I continue participating as part of the creative team for productions by Jordi Oriol (L’Empestat) and Alícia Gorina (Watching Peeping Tom) which whom I also regularly work outside the company, such as in Blasted (Temporada Alta 2017 and TNC, 2018), and Déu és Bellesa (2017, Teatre Maldà).

Drinking from the sources of American rationalist architecture, Camarón de la Isla, the Lumière brothers, Bruce Nauman, Alvar Aalto or Jean Prouvé, new technologies, Olafur Eliasson, the Berlin scene, Caravaggio, The Young Ones, the Velvet Underground, rumba and punk, Leonardo da Vinci or shanty building in general (among many others) places us in context. Performance, time codes, installation, scenic artifacts, new and old lighting systems, spatial dramaturgy, lack or excess of narrative, the law of gravity, mechanisms of perception, rotaflex and linguistics are some of our tools of creation. Trained in visual arts, theater and architecture, our work is characterized by the permanent search in the fields of light, space, and the objects that occupy it through the transgressive attitude that involves placing oneself within the limits of paratheatricality. We have worked, among others, with General Elèctrica, Frederic Amat, Societat Doctor Alonso, Àlex Rigola, Marcel·lí Antúnez, Constanza Brnčić, Augustí Fernandez, Albert Pla, Standstill, La Fura dels Baus, Agrupación Señor Serrano, Mal Pelo, Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Los Corderos, Cabo San Roque, Sol Picó, Maria Arnal and Marcel Bagès, Rosalía…



She studied design at EINA, graduated in Scenography from the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, did a postgraduate course in Art Direction at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, an interuniversity master’s degree in Cultural Management at the UOC and is currently preparing her PhD at the Universitat de Girona. She is a member of the research teaching staff at EINA, University School of Design attached to the UAB, where she teaches classes on the bachelor’s degree in Design and the master’s degree in Research in Art and Design.

She has 20 years of experience in museographic and scenographic spaces. She currently directs the studio Espai e, where they work in the field of design, scenography and architecture. They develop spatial projects based on narrative and, therefore, consider themselves as interpreters of contents. They work with cultural institutions, enjoy teamwork and consider sustainability and technology in their projects.

She defines scenography as a multidisciplinary language that can act in different and unlimited settings.

Some of her projects, whether museographic, scenographic or investigative, have been recognised with national and international awards.