Founded in 1913, the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona (IT) has been decisive in modernising the Catalan performing arts. It has permanently adapted to the demands of society, has followed or led new performing trends and has played a role in renewing teaching methodologies related to the art of theatre and dance. To carry out this mission, the IT has addressed and continues to address a wide range of interconnected disciplines, such as scenography, choreography, dance pedagogy, technical studies, direction, dramaturgy, playwriting and acting.

The IT is also international in scope. We believe in the importance of knowledge transfer, the richness of artistic challenges and new approaches to teaching (always from a contemporary ethical and aesthetic stance). Therefore, participating in the PQ again is an honour for us and highly stimulating; it gives us the opportunity to showcase the work of the professionals in our institution but also those of our country, Catalonia. It also puts us in an ideal position to share experiences, discover ideas and projects far from our everyday work context and establish partnerships for future ventures.

Our presence in Prague is born out of the enthusiasm, engagement and work of many people, both inside and outside our institution. To all of them, sincere thanks, particularly the Institut Ramon Llull (IRL) of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government), whose contribution has helped to make this dream a reality.

Magda Puyo
Director General of the Institut del Teatre

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